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William McElcheran

Humanist / Sculptor /
Architectural Designer / Essayist

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The sculptures of William McElcheran distinguish themselves by being iconic images that resonate. People have an innate response to his contemporary commentary on the human condition which McElcheran served up, often with humour, using his incredible skills as a sculptor.

Architectural Designer

William McElecheran devoted much of his career working in architectural design and promoting architecture as the context and inspiration for sculpture. A knowledgeable historian of architectural styles,  he promoted  the return of art being integrated within contempory architecture and the development of modern architectural ornamentation.

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William McElcheran
Pietrasanta, Italy 1990

“...and as an artist, I want to give images which are objective, to create something which doesn't need me to exist, which doesn't need my or anybody's explanations. It simply is. That is what I do."

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William McElcheran's work possesses the philosophical, psychological and aesthetic ingredients that make up great art.

Eric Freifeld,
Toronto, Canada

McElcheran's statement is a strong and powerful one, one which touches the marrow of all humanity. Because of this, his work has contemporary importance and lasting value.

David Silcox
Toronto, Canada

“His humanism and sense of concern permeate everything he touches”

Glen E. Cumming, 
Art Gallery of Hamilton

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