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The Family

Guelph, Canada
Commissioned by Guelph Italian Community

The Guelph Italian Community gifted the bronze fountain, created by William McElcheran, to the City of Guelph and it was installed in the centre of downtown Guelph in 1985. Known as "The Family", the plaque accompanying the sculpture reads, "This fountain and sculpture, 'The Family' is dedicated to our forefathers, the men and women who came from other lands to this country, Canada and this community, Guelph. They and their families give testimony to a spirit that has made our community strong and caring. These men, women and their children have assured our future growth and vitality."

McElcheran sculpted the figures in his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy and he worked closely with the Italian artisans who expertly moulded the figures and cast them in bronze. Many of the craftsmen who worked on the fabrication of "The Family" had family members who had left their home to travel to "America".  For them, working on the sculpture had special meaning.

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