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South Wind

WaterPark Place Phase 1

Toronto, Canada

Oxford Properties

This monumental work is made from over 20 tons of serpentine marble, a material harder than white marble, which made the job a long and arduous task for the artist, William McElcheran, who did the majority of the cutting and sanding himself.

"South Wind" depicts a business man wearing a hat and overcoat and carrying a briefcase while gazing southward across the lake. Sailboats, lake freighters and billowing clouds form the background and 18 seagulls fly right off of the 4.3 metre (14 ft) wall. There is a subtle addition in the bottom corner of the scene in which a cat stalks a seagull. 

As McElcheran described the scene, "The man in 'South Wind' represents a typical Bay Street executive. With his briefcase full  of possible conquests, he contemplates the world beyond the financial institutions of Bay Street."

WaterPark Place is composed of twin towers located at Queens Quay in Toronto. "South Wind" is partnered with McElcheran's second work, "Post Industrial" which is located at 10 Bay St. in Toronto.  More details can be seen here.

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Waterpark Place Phase 2_edited.jpg

The Post Industrial Kid

WaterPark Place Phase 2

Toronto, Canada

Oxford Properties
(photograph by Chris McElcheran)

William McElcheran completed a second monumental marble relief for WaterPark Place Phase 2 located at 10 Bay St. in Toronto. McElcheran's work elevates and celebrate the entrance to a prestige building and seamlessly integrates with the architecture. Details can be seen at

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